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We are manufacturing Ground Support Equipment for aircraft, aviation, airport, and ground handling industries around the world.


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Keep your airport ground support equipment running smoothly. Search and select Avro GSE parts and accessories, or learn about our customer support and Avro Care Managed Maintenance program.

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Optimize your GSE investment as you simplify the management of your fleet. Learn how telematics can help you increase efficiency, visibility, reliability and compliance within your fleet.

Our Products

  • S & S Model TMAC-250

    Model: TMAC-250
    Manufacturer: Stewart Stevenson
    Air Flow: 250 PPM @42 PSIG
    Engine: Detroit Diesel, 8V 92
    Compressor: Atlas Copco, ZA 4+2
    Discharge Air Temperature: 350 Degrees F
    Dimensions: L=298″ x W=96″ x H=111″
    Weight: 22,400 lbs.
    Features: Dual Air Outlet with manual shut off valve, 50″ dual air hose with couplings, Manually activated parking brake

    S & S Model TMAC-250

  • Libby Model A/M32A-60A

    Pneumatic Output: 150 lb. per minute
    Electrical Output: 75 KVA
    Engine: Garret, GTCP85-180 Turbine

    Libby Model A/M32A-60A

  • Placeholder

    S & S Model TMAC-150

    Airflow: 150 PPM @ 42 psig
    Engine: V8, Detroit Diesel 8V-71
    Compressor: Atlas Copco ZA4
    Discharge Air Temperature: 319 F
    Dimensions: 129″, W=83″, H=96″
    Weight: 7500 lbs.

    S & S Model TMAC-150

  • Libby Model A/M32A-60B

    Pneumatic output: 120 lb. per minute air supply
    Electrical output: 75 KVA, 120/208 V AC, 400 Hz
    Engine: Garret, GTCP85-397
    Will Operate: Diesel fuel, JetA, JP-8
    Load control valve setting: 125 PPM
    Type: 4 wheel trailer mount Plus Parking brake
    Dimensions: L=118″, W=68″, H=67″, wheelbase=:84″
    Weight: empty, 2800 lbs.

    Libby Model A/M32A-60B

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