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About Us

Welcome to North East Aviation

NEA offers a wide range of Ground support equipment, including Aircraft Tugs, Aircraft baggage Tugs, Aircraft belt loaders, 400 Hertz and 28 VDC GPU's, Aircraft Starts, Aircraft  Conditioners, Aircraft Deicer units, Aircraft Lavatory and Water Units, Maintenance stand, power supplies, Aircraft tripod jacks, Aircraft Towbars and parts for GSE and Fokker-28.

It has been in the ground support business since 1987, through Its predecessor-JETALL.

We specialize in the sale and refurbishing of all types of equipment that service An aircraft while it’s on the ground.

We have facilities in TORONTO, Ontario, CANADA and MIAMI, Florida, USA.

All equipment is refurbished to the customer's specifications and requirements and we stand behind what we produce and sell. Our policy is that if a product does not meet your requirements, we will replace it or return the purchase monies.

We also provide Our customers with the option of Renting (Short term) and Leasing Finances.

The most comprehensive list of Airline Ground Support Equipment on the web


New, Used and Zero Timed condition Ground Support Units are available for Purchasing or Renting.
Our GSE experience will provide you with the facts you need to make the right decision.
We can help with your financing or leasing needs.

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